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Morgan's House


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Morgan lived in a small house outside of Lego City. 
After a lawnmower disaster (watch first video on updates) he got a job a the Greeny Grange. (watch second video on updates)
After saving up enough money, he moved in to a 1,461 piece luxurious house in the middle of Lego City.
The downstairs floor is the living room with a golden clock, bookcase, chair, and a reading lamp also made of gold. A door in the living rooms goes to the garage where he keeps his car, which he loves to drive around Lego City and visit all his friends. A spiral staircase leads up to his bedroom which contains a bed, desk with a ship in a bottle on it, and a very fancy gold lamp. There are also curtains in the windows. The door goes out to a deck above the garage, where he takes another spiral staircase to get to his top floor kitchen and dining room.
There is a refrigerator, table and chair, and two cubords holding doughnuts, and cider. In the back alley are to trash cans and a pig. In front is a bench, lamp post, and his mailbox. From his top floor deck, he loves to look around and see the other houses in Lego City.

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