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Car Maintenance Hoist & Mechanic

The mechanics of Lego City are forever reassembling children's broken cars, but how to they get to those parts of the vehicle's chassis that lie close to the road? Here's my answer to the problem- a mini-fig scale vehicle lifting hoist, inspired by Molnar Hoists' classic two-post 'all rounder'. This set would make a neat and low-cost addition to any Lego City town, auto-enthusiasts home or workshop. The arms of the hoist swing out of the way to allow the car to drive up- then the 'pick up pads' are sung under the vehicle for a nice, safe lift.

The hoist height can be set to placing the arms at the desired height during construction.

A high angle view of the hoist, showing the top cross-beam and baseplate below. The black studs on the arms are the hoist's 'pick-up pads'.

The cheerful (but somewhat oily) mechanic signals that he's ready for the next car.

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