Mini Golf

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This is the Mini Golf. It comes with two minifigures, a small hut, a parking lot of two spaces, and small details.

Here you can see one of the minifigure putting a ball in the hole. There is a simple but nice flag, a fence in the back, and a bench.

Here is the hut. The other minigure is in charge of the mini golf. There is a bucket of golf balls, and a putter holder. There is also some tile for the pathway.

These are the minifigures. They do not have double-sided faces. The one on the left has a sweatshirt with some printing on the back, red pants, and hair from the Lego Star Wars Anakin minifigure. He is holding a putter in his hand. The one on the right has a plain blue shirt with no printing on the back, beige pants, and black plain headpiece.

Here is a view of sort of the whole thing. You see here the parking spaces, the hut (it also has a chair in it for the minifigure to sit in.), the bucket with balls, the putter holder, the bench, the sign, and the fence in the back.