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Tiny Adventure


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Everything started from a wheel barrel piece. When I saw this small piece, I could see the face of a frog.
First, I made a green frog, and gradually added some more friends. Going further, I made a story to give life to this team of friends.
The story starts at a peaceful town of swamp. One day, adventive species suddenly appear, and turn the small town into a huge chaos. These predators are always hungry, and they devour every native species they can find. Extinction is only a matter of time. Tiny and Tale, green frog brothers native to the swamp town, put their heads together to solve the serious problem. 
My story touches upon a global issue, specifically the invasion of dangerous adventive animals. It features adventive animals, such as nutria, bullfrog, and turtles, as villains that threaten native animals. 
"Who are these villains? And how can I explain about the issue of adventive animals to our children?" 
I hope that my challenge would help answer such question.
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