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Frontier Outpost


No Boards Update

Hi everyone, here is my project minus the 16x16 green boards. So here are some pictures:  There is less space for the Minifigures on the front now there is no boards, but I think it makes it a better set overall. There are 3 less Minifigures in this update and that decreases the price a bit.

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No Boards

I forgot to add in the last update that the finished set would not include all 4 boards but would be more of a set like Mirkwood Elf Army from The Hobbit range. I am currently working on an update of the project which does not include the boards.

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A New Project

Hi everyone, I have just submitted another project! Check it out here if you: like

                                    Ninja Training Temple 

Also thanks everyone who's supporting my project so far!


Improved Outpost Wall

Here is an update of the wall:

have added a few more minifigures. There are now 12, 6 attacking goblins(one is on a warg) and 5 defending Elven men. I have also opened the gate into Saykar, which would allow more playability, where the heat of the battle is. I estimate it would cost around £40-£59 now that I have added the minifigures.

Please vote. Please share and don't forget to submit your own awesome projects! I will probably add more on the next update!

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