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Adriatic Summer


High Res Shot

Below is a higher resolution photo recently rendered. This shot highlights the details of the set nicely. 


Close Up: The Well

Wells are a common sight in Adriatic and Mediterranean. They provided access to rain water before plumbing and running water. Designing the well was a very fun task, as its connections and shapes are unlike most other small household details. The first photo below is an inspirations shot (credit Wikimedia), followed by several in-progress shots, and finally an in-scene close up of the final version of the well, and a shot of the well without the building in the background. I hope you enjoy this detail. 


Close Up: Pizza Restaurant and Kitchen Appliances

For this update I am showcasing the interior design of the pizza restaurant and kitchen appliances. The Appliances are inspired by some of the elements in 10243 Parisian Restaurant, but they are adapted and updated to fit the scale and needs of this small-scale pizzeria. The oven has a temperature gauge, and a number pad. The table and chair are fitting to the Mediterranean feel. The small side table contains glasses and drinks (Fanta and Coke). Additionally, there is a brick fire pizza oven. Both the original larger design and small design (featured in the build) are in the images below. The final picture below was an "in-progress" shot of the whole kitchen and restaurant that nicely showcases the whole space, though I made some minor modifications for the final build. I hope you enjoy these photos! 


Projects "Around the World"

Recently LEGO Ideas has seen many inspiring projects showcasing life, buildings and people (minifigs) from around the world. With the global coronavirus pandemic, many summer travel plans have been interrupted or cancelled, and it has been fun to still "explore the world" through LEGO Ideas. I've chosen to showcase a number of really inspiring projects below. Most of these are (currently) under 1000 supporters. I hope you enjoy these projects and vote for those that you like. If some of these are successful, it would be really cool to see LEGO introduce a whole lineup of "Around the World", "Holiday/Vacation", or “Global Cultures” showcasing minifig scale scenes from different countries and peoples of the world. (LEGO Architecture has already done an awesome job capturing microscale buildings from different global cities.) Please enjoy these projects: 

*I will be updating this list as I find additional projects*

ltfhan's "Chinese Garden": 

Mind the Brick's "Japanese Traditional Neighborhood":

SaladBricks' "The Deco Beach Hotel" - Miami, Florida:

TheDude98's "Ancient Indian Fort Watchtower":

benjastu's "Thatched Restaurant" - Sylt, Germany:

xXgGhostXx's "American Farmhouse":

mohan's "North African Town" - Morocco:

arkitekto's "Polynesia Vacation":

nick0937's "The Boardwalk Beach" - California:"

arselus' (my own) "Adriatic Summer" - Croatia/ Italy/ Adriatic Sea region:

Added 6/23/2020:

PanDan's "European Bed & Breakfast" - Europe:

Brickoman's "Bremen Market Square" - Bremen, Germany:


Close Up: Café, Restaurant and Pier

Below are some close up exterior renders of the Café, Restaurant and Pier. 

The beachside Cafe features an espresso machine, ice cream stand, umbrellas, and tables. The restaurant is located on the top floor of the beach house. It features and indoor and outdoor seating area, and indoor kitchen. The Pier is made of different colored stone bricks and is located in the middle of the beautiful blue sea. It features a green-colored solar-powered light beacon (small automated lighthouse), two pine trees, and a minifig who is watching a dolphin and has left his yellow bike behind! 


Close Up: Sailboat (Concordia Yawl)

This update is all about the sailboat featured in "Adriatic Summer", my LEGO-scale sailboat inspired by the Concordia Yawl. 

The Concordia Yawl was designed in 1938 by C. Raymond Hunt. The original design is 39'11''. The construction is oak frame and keel, and mahogany deck. Many are painted white, with traditional wood-colored decks and cabins. 103 Concordia Yawls were originally built, 102 still exist today. (Research was done on:

The pictures below showcase some of the deisgn progress, with some variations on the build. The final render (bottom) is the version that made it into the final project: Adriatic Summer. 

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