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Witch House

This creation was made in full collaboration with Max Brich. (profile on LEGO Ideas: here)

A witch, or magician, is a woman who practices witchcraft and magic. In the Western world, the witch has long been associated with negative symbolism, the power to fly on a broomstick, her attendance at sabbaths, and the witch hunt. Her figure was rehabilitated during the 1970s, via feminist movements.

The witch is a recurring character in the contemporary imagination, through tales, novels, films and masks of popular festivals. In this project, we wanted to present a rehabilitated version of the witch, close to nature, benefactress and healer.

The project is 2500 pieces. We paid particular attention to the structure of the walls and the harmony of the whole. We are very happy with the result, and we think this project will be the essential set for your collection.
We believe it would be a great display piece.

In that regard, we offered the option of putting it on your shelf, with a waterfall overflowing from the edge. You could as well integrate this set into your medieval dioramas, with the blacksmith, or your castle. It would also fit well in a Heroic fantasy diorama.

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