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LEGO Therizinosaurus


Hey guys, hope you all had a happy New Year and a great Christmas.

I'm back with another dinosaur which was suggested to me by MachineWolf7. This very different dinosaur was a challenge to build and I enjoyed attempting it, however I'm not sure if I like the design for the feet so if you have any suggestions for an improvement for those I would love to hear them In the comments. I have included an artists representation of the animal in the images so you can compare it to my model.

This dinosaur was built using 247 brick and has many points of articulation including jaw, arm, tail and legs and the segmented neck includes many universal joints which means it can be posed in lots of positions.

Thank you for checking out this project and if you liked it have a look at my others. If you have any suggestions for any thing you would like to see me build write them in the comments. Thanks again and hope you have a great 2016.


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