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R2-Q2's Mech Suit


This is a build of the droid R2-Q2 from Star Wars: A New Hope that created a new robotic suit.

The build is kind of complex but build-able. His right arm has a hand with three sharp fingers, and his left has a giant gun mounted on it. This gun is unable to come off, which means there is no hand on his left arm. 

His connectors in his legs are a bit loose but like you can see in the pictures you can pose him fine. His heels are able to pivot left and right to adjust to the ground. 

The helmet is able to bend back to show his head a bit better. You will need to do this to turn his head. The last picture is him without the neck, and without the neck he can't turn his head, but it might look a bit more appealing. 

It would be great if this could become a set, but I can definitely see why if it doesn't. (it's a Star Wars Lego set not in the Star Wars canon)