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X-942 Launch Hangar -- Classic Space


500 Supporters! Thank you!

This has been an awesome and interesting experience so far. This is only 5% of the climb this project needs to take. A big thank you to all that has helped so far!


X-942 in motion

I'm starting to experiment with animating my project. This is my first, rough attempt, more will come as I continue


In-depth look at the X-942

I want to take some time to show a bit more detail on my project. Today I am going to focus on the X-942 ship that is included in the hangar. As always, feel free to provide any comments/suggestions at any time.


Thank you for Reaching 100 Supporters!

I know this is just a drop in the bucket and there's still a long way to go to reach 10,000 but i appreciate every vote of support you give me and this project.

I thought I'd take a moment to share a small bit of backstory/explanation behind some of the figures in this project.

The photo shows my original minifigures for Base Commander Billy and Engineer Edwards.
I made both of them when I was around 10-12 years old and kept them in my collection ever since.
When I started to design this project, they were both an easy fit into it.
The torso for Billy was from a white spaceman, from set 6844 Seismologic Vehicle. His name was inspired from the old Lego Fan Club newsletters that had Billy Brick as their mascot.

Also, for the Control Room Operator, Lt. Zack, his name was inspired from the old 'Zack the LEGO maniac' commercials that were on TV when I was a kid.

Thanks again for all the support! Here's looking ahead to 1,000 and then 10,000!

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