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Seafront Shops


Another creation of mine to expand and diversify the range of LEGO Creator buildings for your town. However, there are not one but two shops in this creation.

On the right is a dance studio with a reception and the studio itself above. In the studio there are bars to practise your minifigures' moves on and space in the middle for a duet. On the roof is a flat area where dancers can cool down after hours of intense leg-shaking! :P

On the left is a games shop, with the one and only Gamer Guy-who else could be more perfectly suited to the building? On the ground floor is the shop, with a computer on the display table. The rooms is also equipped with a cash register for the cashier to record and store payments on. The nest floor up contains the Gamer Guy's bedroom, complete with bed and bookshelf. Finally the roof is taken up by a table for two - perfect for romantic meetings next to the beach!