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Star wars - Trash compactor scene


Gather here, LEGO and Star wars fans!

If you ever wanted to re-enact the more than famous trash compactor scene, this project is for you.

The only remaining question is whether you will make the Rebellion prevail once more, or if you will crush it (literally, so to speak), thus making the Empire stand victorious for ever.

The set includes 610 bricks (plus random "trash" bricks). More than enought to build a working compactor, 6 minifigs, and the platform from where C3PO and R2D2 will stop the mechanism (or fail to do so, your choice again...)

As a grown-up  engineer, I have included a working gear mechanism in the project. (By the way, if any LEGO digital designer programer is reading this, please make your program even more awsome by adding gears cinematics, thanks!).

Hope you enjoy!

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