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Posable T-Rex

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This is model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex I created with the Lego Digital Designer. I tried to make it accurate, but mostly focused on making it as posable as possible.
I intended it more as a figure one would pose on a table, than a toy you play on the ground with.

[Minifigure for scale only, not to be in the set]

For that I used several joints (9 alone in the spine) to make it possible to move in all position one might want it. I only made it it in the LDD, so I'm not sure that the ball-joints at the feet can actually hold the T-Rex's weight, I have to admit, though.

To give the joints also some range of motion, I had to introduce gaps in between them. Because of this I added several moveable plates that cover those gaps, but are flexible to still allow a wide range of motion.

I originally wanted to make it brown, but LDD didn't have all colors for all bricks, so I went with green as more parts supported it.
I also added some highlights into it with color, like the lemon green stripe running along his back, and the red mouth, and yellow eyes.
Other parts are dark blue or gray because they were in not better color available.

I never knew how much I wanted a big Lego T-Rex before, till I build one. :D

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