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Winnebago Chieftain


A minifigure-scale model of the 1978 Winnebago Chieftain motorhome. Complete with 5 minifigures, and several accessories.

Interior: booth, kitchen unit w/stove + sink + cabinet, wood panel fridge, 2 small couches, toilet, sink, cabinet

Accessories: Umbrella, 2 chairs, boombox, binoculars, disposable camera coffee cup, spare parts, wrench, drill, toolbox, axe, backpack, knapsack, wooden crate

Features: Retractable entrance steps, easily detachable roof/windshield, detachable wall panels for ease of access to interior, modular furniture

     I built this through a series of coincidences and a peaking interest in vintage automobiles. This beast has gone through countless revisions. I uploaded a previous version to this site, but the first version would not be recognizable next to the above product. I have attempted to replicate the 1978 Winnebago as closely as I possibly could given the restricted size and the resources at my disposal. I may or may not later include a digital version with some of the tweaks I have considered making.

    I'll admit that there are a few significant discrepencies between the model and the actual 1978 Chieftain (mostly with the interior), but it's about as accurate as I can make it. The bathroom is the most innacurate space due to size constraints I also would have prefered the booth chairs to be brown, but this was ufortunately not possible.

I'm not sure if this humble little hunk-o-junk can rack up 10,000 votes, but I think its worth sharing, and it was pretty fun to design.

Thanks in advance for any/all support!


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