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Farm Truck


This project is a set that I have been perfecting for quite a while and and I hope it is popular. It is a red farm truck which would be used for transporting animals and and other farm produce around. The set also includes one pig and one minifigure who holds a pitchfork. It is approximately 14cm long, 6.5cm high and 4.5cm wide. It is built on a base which is long. The wheels are the smallest type(1.7cm diameter). The wheel arches are the biggest type. The cabin is 8cm long and as wide as the truck. The cabin is constructed out of entirely red bricks apart from the doors (yellow) and the roof(black). There is no seat inside. Instead there an sloping backrest. This reduces the height of the truck. The steering wheel is located directly in front of the driver. The pen for the pig and the bucket at the back take up the rest of the room. To get in the pen there are doors which flap down There is also a barrel which sits in the pen to carry the pitchfork.

When I first started  building the model, it was just a bit of fun. I have realized  that Lego  hadn't really done much in terms of farms. I feel like this would fill an important niche in the range. I hope you will support my project!

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