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David Bowie Brickheadz

What is it?
Build and display (or play with) a legend in the music industry, David Bowie, in new BrickHeadz form. This BrickHeadz replicates Bowie's most iconic photo.

Why did you build it?
This set was made by a David Bowie fan for other fans. I believe LEGO should venture into the music industry more.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
LEGO has, in the past, made sets based off muscians such as The Beatles Yellow Submarine or the Spice Girls BrickHeadz. I think this BrickHeadz and a further line of musician BrickHeadz would intrigue and attract many LEGO and music fans.

  • David Bowie BrickHeadz with a microphone

*Contains 108 pieces*

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