Product Idea

Lego Genes

I Build a little DNA model sometime ago, took about 3 hours. Wanted to build one for a long time. Could do it as the flexible tiles were in the pick a brick wall. ;-) So thanks to my lego shop for that.


For the construction the key is, that not only the “sugar” backbone has to be flexible to form a helix but also the “base-pairs”. They have to be mounted with the possibility to freely rotate, which I did by using simple single stud plates and the backside of 2x2 plates. That makes the model slightly sensitive to touching. A higher model might have difficulties with its own load.


For educational purpose I included some detail description in the base plate. For a set a little booklet with descriptions would be nice to add.


The stability for a real lego set can easily improved by using a rotating plate. Also a nicer color arrangement would be better in my opinion, but I was limited to what I had.


Found no better solution so far for an office dekoration model. But I am open to suggestions.


It can stand alone, is flexible (a little bobblehead effect) and the twist of the helix can be adapted. 


Viel Spaß beim bauen!


@ Amke danke für die Fotos!