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The BatMobile (1960s)


Hi I'm a lego builder like you, if you like this model click the support button and if you wanna see more like this click on my account to see more like this and better. I have built this model in the hopes it will reach 10000 supporters. This model took a few weeks to build but I believe it is pretty simple in the aspect of its compicatablity?

This model was inspired by the (2014) batmobile, and I thought the classic vehicle would look good next to it. Finding the pieces took time but wasn't to bad. Not having to brake any other models, the final product was worth it. The hardest part of all was the size. Not knowing how big it should be, I decided to base it off other lego creator sets. This I thought was good because It would blend in with other lego cars on a shelf.

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