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X-Wing and Interceptor Combination


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The X-Wing, one of the most iconic star fighters in all of the Star wars franchise. Perhaps even more popular than the Death Star. As we know many X-Wing sets have been sold as a popular toy that is playable, simple, and is also nice to just put up next to all your other Star Wars related toys, minifigures, and other Lego Star Wars sets.

The TIE Fighter, another iconic star fighter of which many sets have been sold. The TIE Interceptor? Not so much. Though the TIE Interceptor isn't a very commonly bought Lego set, it is still a really cool set.

With this model, will be able to combine the Interceptor's wings and the X-Wing's main body to create a new star fighter that is totally out of this world!

The set can come in two different colours (black or blue) as it is a combination of the empire and the rebels. Along with the colour should come a pilot of the supposed side (blue for rebels and black for empire).

This set contains around 220 pieces which shows that it is relatively small but it is an interesting build. The set also comes with a stand to allow you to show off your new creation.

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