Product Idea

Giza Plateau

~~I built this because when I went to Egypt I loved it and I have not seen anything like this while I have been out and about shopping for Lego. This is based on the Giza Plateau , containing the three pyramids and the sphinx.

The build is quite simple to complete, the pyramids are the easiest part I think, and the sphinx is simple once you get your head around it so the instructions for this as a kit would be fairly easy to follow.

There is a possibility for the kit to contain minifigures if it is made, these could be used to show tourists visiting the site. I have seen other ideas of the pyramids, but none containing the sphinx alongside it which is what makes this project unique, I hope people like it.

Please feel free to comment on what you like and don't like about this idea, all feedback greatly appreciated. Thank you, Liz

I hope people like my idea this is my second project to be submitted to Lego Ideas.