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The Stunted Dwarf, Tavern.


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This is the Stunted Dwarf, a midieval tavern. It is playable, with a removable upper floor, and opening roof. The upper floor includes a bed and dresser, and the ground floor has a kitchen and four tables. It includes seven minifigs, a chef, maid, forester, sot, old man, farmer, and traveling jongleur and two chickens. The front of the model has a statue mounted on the wall, and an old wall and tree, with some flowers. In the back, a small overhang shelters a bundle of sticks, a bucket, and feed for the chickens. Beside that, a door leads inside, and a set of stairs make their way up to the second story. Beneath the stairs a coup houses two white chickens. The coup is based of of a traditional box-on-legs but without the legs.

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