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Mini Mech


Hey Guys! (Oh... and girls I guess, sorry) I told you about this mech if you have read the description for my remake of Poes' to X-Wing Fighter, and the "Kinks" I was talking about was making it sturdy! I have worked it out though, and I really like it. (Its not much, but if you get a ton and customized some, you could have and EPIC battle) Anyway, this came to my head when I was thinking "Huh, How do you think, if they could build anything, would lego people cunstruct stuff?", then I thought, why not mechs?! So I picture this as a way for lego minifigures to a) Get around b) get cunstruction work done futuristicly and c) to be an easy and affordible way to get home cunstruction done, just call 555- oh... commercial mode, sorry.

Anyway, I hope you like it, thanks for all the support!

                                 Thanks a ton!         


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