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Little Boat


Little Boat

This project was first constructed by hand and then digitally rendered in LEGO Digital Designer.

Please note: This was my first time using this program and it might not do the project justice. 


I designed this project on kind of a spur of the moment idea. I love boats and old fashioned ships and I hope I made a fairly decent one here. Its constructed of entirely black pieces accept a few of a different color. In my original handmade design, the colored pieces such as the windows and roof elements were actually orange. However, since I had and unlimited amount of pieces at my disposal in the design program, I made those colors tan instead. I also made a charming lamp feature that hangs of the back of the boat in a purely decorative fashion. The inside of the boat, which you can't see from the pictures, is largely empty. Until I can figure what to put on the inside of the boat, it will unfortunately remain that way. Sometime soon, I hope to update this project with more details within the boat. 


The Minifigure I made to accompany the boat just kind of fits the overall theme of the boat. I thought it would be appropriate to include him. However, as I do more updates on the boat, I might change the amount of Minifigures I include in it. 


This boat is largely decorative and pretty looking but it could be used for a range of things. It is sturdy enough to play with and is functional. A Minifigure can fit in it and the roof can be removed without any trouble. The way a child would play with it is completely up to them and their imagination

Note: This boat came purely from my imagination and if it resembles a certain type of boat from history then that was purely accidental.

Your support is much appreciated!!! Thanks!!

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