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Rc 6x6

Hello Lego fans, I would like to present my latest creation, a fully remote controlled 6x6! My model measures over 18 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 7 inches tall. It is built for offroad performance so it has portal axle, giving it over 5 studs of ground clearance! It also has full time 6x6 with 3 differentials, and springless pendular suspension on all 6 wheels. The features include, operable doors and hood, a faux working V8, working LED headlights, an interior complete with seats and steering wheel, and interchangeable beds. The bed options include; no bed for maximum offroad performance, a flatbed for a utilitarian style truck, and a log hauling bed. The truck is powered by a AA battery box, 2 XL motors geared down 9:1, and is steered by a servo motor. This would make a great Lego set because while Lego has produced a few 6x6s, they have never produced one built for maximum offroad performance. This would be a great set for people who like to display their sets, but also for people who like to play with their Lego sets.

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