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Eat & Go Cafe



Here I present to you the Eat & Go Café. Where aliens, humans and all creatures alike can enjoy Papa Joey's fresh meats, pizzas and ice cream. I would really love for this to get to at least 1,000 supporters.

     The outside is covered in greens and a palm tree! The outside is surrounded by a white picket fence to keep intruders out and look pretty. The walls are red with a tiny bit of support beams that are dark navy blue. The front door is glass and the back is wooden. On the inside there are 5 tables each with a coffee mug and a special item unique to each table. There are 4 cash registers, 4 100 dollar bill s, and 4 platters on the bar. In the kitchen there is a sink, a box, a stove, and a pot on the stove. 

   In the back of the café there is a door that leads to the back porch. The porch has 4 trash cans, 2 boxes of carrots, a rat, and a cat.

   In the front there are 2 tables each have a mug on them, one of the tables has a ring on it.

The Minifigures in this set are unique I will name them right to left:

1. Jeff the Police Officer; an old retired police officer a common customer in this café.

2. Lily the Life Guard; She works part time lifeguard, part time waiter.

3. Joe the Sea Captain; is a cashier here at the Eat & Go. He is an old friend of Joey.

4.Papa Joey the Head Chef of the Eat & Go Café; Joey first learned to cook by his good friend Jeff the Police Officer. He has loved cooking ever since.

5. Billy of the Wild West; is a long time friend of Joey and he went to high school with him. When Joey started working here Billy was with him. So he is a cashier also.

6. Molly; is a mother of two children that she adores she comes here often with them.

7. Tom the Firstborn Child of Molly; Tom is the firstborn and he loves clowns, wants to be one when he grows up.

8. D.J. the Second born Child of Molly; D.J loves music, games, and electronics in general. So he always carries an iPod, and his headphones with him at all costs.

      That is all for the structure. Let us make this a game for every 200 Supporters I will release a new piece to each characters story! Thank you for all the help!