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With the Fish


Bursting with life, coral reefs are home to ¼ of all marine fish species! With every color imaginable, these ecosystems are truly awesome. All of the sets I have seen up to this point focus on the submarine, or treasure. This set would be unique in it will focus on the seascape. Built from a square base, the life within is designed to look like it’s breaking out both vertically and horizontally.


It would include the following

-multiple types of coral


-2 jellyfish

-3 crabs

-schools of fish

-a manta ray

-a reef shark

-and a diver (This kind of underwater suit was invented in the 1840s. In real life a hose would be attached to the helmet to pump air down from the surface. I have excluded this feature for the sake of playability.)



 That said have tried to recreate the otherworldly effect of a coral reef without making it too expensive. In set form the boulders and the base would be mostly hollow to save on pieces. I could see this set selling from 20-40 dollars. I believe this set would be perfect for any one interested in sea life and I am confidant that this will work well as a stand alone set.     



If you enjoyed this project and want to see it become a Lego set, please give it your support!

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