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Tony Stark's Basement


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Iron man is my favorite marvel hero and I've been waiting for a complete model of his basement to be made by Lego but, to my disappointment, they never made a full one. So I did.

Tony Stark's Basement is complete with features from the 1st and 3rd Iron Man films. It is filled with different pieces of Stark technology including:

  • Multiple light-projection screens that display his desk projections, a clock, a dartboard, the test table projection, the designing table, the main large room screens, different computer screens, and some tall vertical screens.
  • The suit changer that comes out of the floor.
  • The designing desk with a transparent trophy figure representing the iron suit.
  • An examination chair and table which Stark uses to change out his Arc Reactor.
  • An elevator with sliding doors.
  • A drink freezer with a clear transparent door, two clear transparent bottles, and several shelves.
  • Underground suit storage with a black circular opening door in the floor.
  • Refreshment table with an espresso maker and a water cooler.
  • The claw robot holding the Suit-Case.
  • A big red toolbox.
  • The suit display case with a four suit capacity.
  • A bathroom with a toilet and sink (under stairs).
  • A couch and TV upstairs for Pepper Potts.
  • A staircase.
  • The spinning platform.
  • The test table for testing the Mark 42 suit-up.
  • A variety of different tools.
  • 8 minifigures.
  • Two different outfits for Stark and Potts to change into.

The set has eight minifigures including:

  • Tony Stark
  • Pepper Potts
  • Mark VI Suit
  • Mark VII Suit
  • Mark XLII Suit
  • Mark XVII Suit
  • Living Laser
  • Radioactive Man

The set obviously includes Tony Stark and, of course, his assistant Pepper Potts.

The set has four of Stark's flying suits, enough to fit the display case. The suits can be taken apart and used in the suit changer or for testing Mark XLII.

I thought I would add some older comic villains to make the set more exiting so I put the Living Laser and Radioactive Man. The Living Laser is composed of all transparent red elements with an eye mask and a laser beam. Radioactive Man is composed of all green elements and transparent green radioactive lightning beams.

The black tile testing floor opens up using trapdoor pieces and the suit changer comes out of the floor when Tony needs a dress-up. When not in use the yellow Technic pieces fold up under ground and the black tiles close flush with the testing floor. It has two studs in the center for Stark to stand on and maintain his position.

The big black circle tile next to the platform opens, also using the trapdoor element, to reveal the suit storage area which you can use to store all of your other iron suits.

The elevator has a sliding door on the lower level and an opening door on the upper level. The elevator is pulled up and down by use of a winch and rope.

Many of the transparent blue projection screens are on hinges so you can position them any way you want.

In case you want to use the set as more of a base rather than a basement I added slide-out steps under the examination chair for an easy exit rather than jumping off the base.

The basement dose not include space for Stark's prized cars. Although, I did insert Technic bricks with connector holes so that you can create your own car platform and attach it to the side of the basement.


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