Product Idea

City Zoo


Here is a city petting zoo.

This set is built for playability. It is small enough that it can fit in a Lego city, but large enough that it has variety of animals. It is modular surrounded by walkway and a small tree landscape in the front. Has 8 minifigure site see-ers, and 1 man who sits in the pay building with the green roof. Has 28 animals total, including: frogs, owls, parrots, tigers, monkeys, apes, turtles, koala bear, snake, crabs, boar, and raccoons. Each animal cell has their own environment. Has a total of 770 bricks, and might cost around 50 to 60$.

Thanks to LoneCoyote ( for rendering this ob Blue Render program. He gave me permission to tell you that he'd be happy to render for anyone who needs it. Just ask him. :)

Thank you for your support!