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The Stand-Up Comic


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The life of an aspiring stand-up comic isn't an easy one, but this guy is giving it his best go!

He's saved up his money, packed up his belongings, and moved to the big city to pursue his dream.  He found a cozy (if not necessarily stylish) 1-bedroom apartment to call home.  He's picked up a gig on an open-mic night at a tiny local comedy theater, but he still has to hold down a daytime office job to make ends meet.  He's going to get his big break soon!

This set is a series of little vignettes, all attached with hinges so that the set can be folded up into a square, or repositioned in any number of configurations.  Two of the vignettes represent his apartment (kitchen and bedroom), one is the tiny comedy theater, and the last is his daytime office.


The kitchen includes a table and chair some basic appliances and utensils, a desk, a potted plant, and a stereo system.  The bedroom has a single bed with quilt, bedside table, sitting chair, and a guitar and amplifier where he can work out some of his musical ideas.


The office has a bookshelf, desk with computer, lamp, swiveling office chair, second chair, and a clock on the wall.  Various books and papers are filed away on the bookshelf.  Our hero wears a suit and tie to his daytime job, and carries a brown briefcase.


This is a tiny multi-purpose space which often hosts an open-mic night for aspiring standups.  The red drapes have been pulled aside to expose a brick wall behind the comics.  Our comic has a microphone on a stand, and sometimes uses a keyboard for some musical bits in his routine.  A couple patrons have decided to attend and check out his act.  No heckling allowed!

One of these days, our hero is going to start getting booked into larger venues and can quit his day job and get a nicer apartment... but for now, he's just going to keep honing his material, and awaiting his big break!