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evil broadcast lair (skullosus)

In a different universe, in another dimension, an evil skeleton known as Skullosus rules over a planet once inhabited by humans. The skeletons, or skelleatuns as they are known in this dimension, invaded the planet, and now all that's left that is human are a small bunch of freedom fighters trying to destroy this alien scourge. Will Skullosus reign supreme for evermore? Or will the freedom fighters reclaim their planet?

Play with the evil broadcast lair that Skullosus sends his orders from. With removable main broadcast tower, and wall of skelleatuns, this set is good for starting out, or adding to your collection.

This is the ariel view of the lair. As you can see, the top of the walls are topped with mini transmitters.

This is the technician. He wears a technician helm, which has the standard red symbol of Skullosus' army attached to it. The death drill doubles up as a powerful weapon that can send electric charges through it's victim. It also has a ranged attack.

This is a guard. They are the most common figure, and wear a neck-piece (similar to the one Emmet from the lego movie wears to attach the piece of resistance) which is connected to the standard Skullosus' army symbol. They have a visor on their head, and have a super gun (that is actually a megaphone with a little piece on it) that can cook a skele-duck's egg from 2 paces (ok, so maybe it isn't that good, but skele-duck's eggs are hard to cook). This set comes with two guards.

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