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Lego Exclusive Character Display Stand - Promo Set


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This project is aimed at a full range of LEGO collectors who want to use a stand to help display their minifigures.  As you can see I have used a figure with no exclusive prints (as I have used parts from other minifigures for it) as this is just a prototype.  At the back of the model there is an attachment using technic pins for carrying the stand from A to B using only 3 fingers and a thumb as it is very stable.

The minifigure I have used is supposed to be an actor who acts as a caveman and uses the caveman hair piece as a wig, if you take it off and put the other hair piece on it then that would be his normal self.

In the title you may see it says it says the word exclusive.  In my mind I am thinking it could be exclusive to a certain LEGOLAND resort such as Windsor.  I believe that only a certain amount should be made but I want children to also have a chance at getting their hands on one of these. It also says it is promotional which means you will have to spend a certain amount of money on other sets to get this for free.

Although the project comes with a minifigure, I don't think that it should be on the stand at all times. The only reason I chose him is because his colours match the stand.  This doesn't have too many pieces but this is because people can get this for free if they spend a certain amount of money on other sets so it is intended to be small.  If you like the look of this project and would like it to have the chance of becoming a set then go ahead and click the support button, if there is something you don't like about this set or you want to see what you want then feel free to leave a comment as this is for your sake.  Thank you for considering this idea!

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