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Police Heavy Mobile Unit


821 Bricks.  Large truck modeled from a Freightliner Cabover.

On the tractor there is a basic 6 cylinder engine (no internal workings) with fuel filters, oil filter and compounding turbos.  The cab seats two Lego figures with storage space behind the seats.

The trailer has a flip-block jack that works perfectly.  Inside there is storage area at the front for accessories, just behind that is the street accessories and storage.  Then there is a single jail cell with a cot with hidden compartment underneath for wrecking bar.  Then there is a cot for Lego policemen to rest with storage area underneath for ball and chain, the Control/Monitoring center and mini gallery, tool storage area with tools and then there is a motorcycle in the motorcycle garage.  Truck has full marker lights so there should be no problem using it anywhere in the World.

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