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Collector car with tools

This is a 6 stud car with opening hood trunk and doors- the set includes a tool cabinet with wheels and some tools to work on the car in the garage. the seats recline and it comes with a driver. trunk has room for a suitcase or??? tune up your car and take it to race at the track!
pehaps a new brick or plate could be done with a rounded edge to allow easier movement of the side doors.

this could be done is a series based on real cars with similar accessories and a driver.
the engine is basic due to space limitation.
there is room for a second mini figure in the back seat. the car is based on a Buick Regal GNX.

the car can have a spare tire mounted in the trunk.

this shows the floor jack and a modification to the tool cart. I also put a sun roof in the car as an option.

This view shows the deep trunk space for carrying stuff maybe a fuel can? or a spare tire?

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