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Lego Mythbusters


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As a long-time fan of both the popular Discovery show Mythbusters and Lego, my sister and I would love to see the two be combined into one great, explosive Lego set. We have built five of the most recognizable experiments the team has done over the years: 

The Rocket Sled, The Water Heater Rocket, The Knock Your Socks Off Pendulum, The Car Crane, and who could forget the Cement Truck. 

I think this set would be a great addition to the Lego Group because of the functionality and fun of the models. Mythbusters is a great way to teach kids about science while having fun at the same time, and we did our best to bring some of that into this idea.

Here is a video I posted on Youtube, showing our Mythbusters Lego set in action: 



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