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The Black Jaguar


Hello cat and Lego lovers this is a model of a black jaguar and the result of his latest hunt. (2 caimans)


This model should become a Lego set as Lego do not have too many animal sets for the animal lovers.

Black jaguars are rare variety of jaguar living in the Amazon rainforest in South America Also referred to as a black panther. It took about 5-7 hours to build the cat and 10-15 minutes per caiman. All 3 animals are larger than the average hero factory characters. One caiman has the wave 1 Cragger head so he has grey the other has his wave 2 head therefor he is gold. The jaguar can easily fit a caiman in his mouth. Each caiman is 8 cm or 3.1“ at the shoulder and 46cm or 18.1” long and the jaguar is 34 cm or 13.4“ at the shoulder and 86,5 cm or 34.1“ long (Tail to nose) and 44 cm or 17.3“ tall when sitting. (All like in the photos).

Pros: large size entails lots of useful pieces; I used minimum pieces for maximum strength and balance therefor a cheaper set.

Cons: the jaguar is slightly hard to balance; the set is rather expensive; the jaguar is hard to play with as it is so big.

Review and tutorial will soon be available at:

 Thank you for reading my short description about a black jaguar model.

More info about black jaguars at:

Please vote for this creation thank you. Have fun building.

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