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Red Baron

Red Baron's plane (Fokker Dr 1) It's a model in a similar scale with Sopwith Camel set 10226.
So both planes can be displayed together or take part in dioramas.
The same theme was used in the set 10024, but was completely reimagined.
It was a challenge for me to create a copy of the legendary plane and I wanted a display model, but from LEGO, so that was the reason of starting this project.
I perfectly see it as a great LEGO set, because it's a beautiful display model for people, who love history, aviation and LEGO.
In this model you can find meticulously recreated interior, beautiful copy of Siemens-Halske Sh.III engine with covered up compartment and exhaust pipes. The movable tail unit makes this model more displayable. Besides, strong construction of the landing gear with authentic strut and airfoil can help you show this model without stand.

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