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Melbourne Metro Train

Hey Everyone This is my idea for a new Lego train set the metro train!
At the front you can see the priority coupling that only lets it couple to another metro train.
The roof also has incredible detail with a cooling unit on top!
The train was designed in LDD (lego digital designer) this is why it looks some what smoother than lego. I believe that the train would e a great addition to anyones collection!

As you can see here the two compartments are joined together so that a mini figure can walk through the entire train. The Roof can be easily detached for easy access to the inside.

The train is incredibly detailed and is a Medium difficulty build. The train should come with this track and greenery so that you have a truly Melbourne train scene!
It can be easily power functioned with a IR receiver, Train Motor and the AAA battery box.
If you really want to this train can also have PF lights installed!

Now compare the two trains! Minus a few stickers :P. the only stickers that i would put no the train are the big blue metro sign at the front and a location/ destination screen at the top. the one above is doing a loop of Melbourne city in the underground network there.

This set was designed to be a city scale train i hope it fits in :D

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