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Crohiea: Land of Adventure


Crohiea is a vast and ancient world, filled with bustling cities, towering mountains, and deep caverns. But recently it has been overrun by cruel monsters, and nobody knows why. Now, you can help save the world of Crohiea by taking on the role of a warrior, wizard or barbarian and aiding them on quests through the dark places of the world. After each quest, you can use the treasure that you’ve gained to buy armor, food supplies, new skills and more.

So, at first this seems like your normal RPG board game, that is, complex looking and hard to learn rules. And indeed it is based off of such games as HeroQuest and PathFinders, but the rules are far simpler, and made in a world made specifacally talored for it.

I won't give you specific rules and quests, (hopfully your couriosity will make you support me!) but here are some of the basics:

Movment and combat are resolved by rolling dice

Weapons and poitions are simple to use and easy to comprehend

No need for a Game Master, but someone will have to take control of the monsters

I rate this game at 8+

Now, only one question remains. Will you help free C

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