Product Idea


So far, this is the ultimate set, containing 1027 pieces (mini figs included) it is the largest set so far. This recreates the famous Byzantine fire ships, called Dromons. Unfortunately, there is no way to get sails in LDD so they are not included. If they were, they would have been triangular and purple. To limit the amount of pieces, there is nothing below the deck but the oars are still fully operational (both of them). There are 14 rowers in this set and 3 soldiers.

The prow is the most interesting part of the ship. There is a mechanism 'spewing' Greek fire to burn enemy ships and a ram. Although rams were rarely -if ever used, I have added one since it makes  the ship looks better and they were used, but before the Middle-Ages. The end of the ship does not contain anything special (yet) but is decorative. If this set reaches 50 supporters I will add a few features but this set is mainly designed for decoration.