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LEGO Lamp / Figure Holder


Desk lamp / nigth light 

Cordless, you can put some figure on it.

 Your parents will be happy, if you don't left your figures somewhere in your room.. or other places in the house. You can put it on your lamp, and you can see where theye are.

 You can put the lamp in your LEGO city as a display case (you can put a little Christmas tree or some figure inside the lamp), after that you can use it as a desk or night lamp next to your bed or on your desk. 

 This is easy to build, and you can use it as a night lamp

 Basic version: with Light Brick (2x3x1,1/3) built in the top of the lamp.

 Space inside the lamp: bottom 8x8x6 and upper 6x6x6. 

If you have a power function kit you can rebuild it and you can put the leds and battery with some other parts or if you have a turntable, you can build a turning lamp/display case. In this case you can change the colours of the leds.

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