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Old Upright Piano


New photos!

Since the original photo was taken, I changed the way were keys were secured inside the piano, making them rigid, in the original design they were not well secured and slight bumps tended to knock them about, if you look closely at the original photo you will see a slight unevenness in the keys which is not present in the photos I've just added. I've also included close ups of the pedals, music, clock and piano stool.



Piece count and dimensions.

The piece count is 770 (as accurately as I can determine without entirely dismantling it). The stool is 81 pieces, the vase of flowers is 23 (counting each petal), and the piano is 666 pieces, accurate to within a couple of pieces I'd say, giving a grand total of 770.

The reason the piece count is lower than you might think is because I used 4 by 3 (by 1) black wall pieces for as much as the body as possible. This has two advantages. There are less horizontal lines on the body, giving a smoother surface, and it makes the piano much lighter.

The dimensions of the piano: 25.5 cm long, 7.8 cm deep (ie at keyboard level) and 18.9 cm high.

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