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2011 Ford Ranger


Hello all!


I introduce my latest creation, the 2​01​1 Ford Ranger.  ​This truck comes equipped with all the features you need. It is a light blue, with black inserts and accents. It is a two door with a regular bed. Both the bed and cab measure 6 studs. The cab is fully detailed with a set of speedometers, two seats, a steering, and complete dashboard. The cab features the 3 stud long windshield in order to accommodate a fully enclosed cabin. The truck also features sport style rims. The rear is fairly basic, with a black bumper, and a set of taillights. The front is the same with a black bumper and a set of headlights. This set contains 105 bricks, and could sell in the $10 US currency range making it a great little set for anyone!


This entire model is rendered in POV-ray. I have been starting to experiment with different features on the program, and have added lines to this model to show each brick.


Thank you all for supporting!

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