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Technic Rollercoaster

For the normal i build Technic set's with instructions, but sometimes i have an idea for something new...

My lovely wife had her 30th birthday in Dez. and the present was a United States trip in 2014, couse she love Rollercoaster and adventure parks!

So the idea was to build a part of a rollercoaster with Technic and normal brick's.

It took about 30 hours on work with it,
First i build the train (1st and 2nd wagon),
then i went on with the rail out of flexible hoses.
Quiet difficult where the pillar´s, couse i want to have different high and a small curve!

Last Step was the ground plate with USA-flag and the other stuff!

If you want to see some more foto´s from my modell take a look at my dropbox folder with the following link!

There are some kind of other moc´s too!

I love my wife,
I love Lego,
I love you!

Thank's for watching,
Thank's for supporting

Lovely regards Gerald

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