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Imperial Trading Post


Since I was small I love the Pirates series of Lego and have always complemented my own creations . Here I have created a project a trading post, which offers the attention to details and for reference.

Starting with the trading post itself, which can be divided in sections and played. Above the warehouse with crane for loading  / Discharging the cargo coming from the ships and below the actual trading post where the goods will be purchased and wherever interesting and bizarre people can be encountered, crew can be hired and "fish stories" will be told.

Further the details inside the store with their goods and storage capacities and the stairway to the warehouse.

Outside lot of Soldiers are protecting guard the important trading post of the caribbean area from the pirates, as it is only a matter of time, until they are trying to get the loot to bring on board.

Also sailors and privateers waiting for the next ships to come alongside

Thanks for your time to view my project and please support!

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