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2016 Lego City Junior Swimming Trials


This year Lego City introduces the 2016 Junior Swimming Trials. Mini-figures from all over the city head to the Aquatic Center to see the local kids compete for a chance at destiny. Who will prevail as number one at the end of the backstroke winning the gold and also who will win silver and bronze. You will have to head on down to the Aquatic Center and see for yourself and enjoy the atmosphere. Other events can include freestyle butterfly and relay. I built this set because I wanted to give the kids of Lego City a chance and see how popular this set can become. The pool is red flat tiling with black flat tiling representing the edge of the pool. There are blue seats for the rich and black seats for the everyday mini-figure. This creation includes eight 16 x 16 base plates with four serving as the base and the other four serving as the roof for the Aquatic Center. I also placed glass all around the building so whether you are walking by or driving by you can still see what action is taking place inside.

Thank you for the support and please feel free to share this project on other websites.

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