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10th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who


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This is the Tenth Doctor's (David Tennant) Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who! I know it's not an exact replica, since I didn't have all the right pieces, but it still looks cool! But you can't unlock doors though (only metal locks, not wood). It's about the same size as its door-unlocking counterpart, but probably a whole lot lighter. Please support this, as it's my first project, and if don't say so myself, the most accurate Lego replica of the sonic screwdriver on Lego Cuusoo!
Note- To support, simply make an Cuusoo account by clicking sign up in the top right of the page. Then, click the big green Support button on the right of the screen at almost the top of the page. Also, supporting does not make purchasing of the project you supported necessary. Thank you!

Here's another angle of it!

It also can come apart if you want it to. Don't worry about it coming apart easily, you have to pull it out to have it come apart, so it won't come apart at unwanted times.

This is what it would look like as a set(except for the swirly piece Digital Designer didn't have that piece). But still, this is pretty much what it would look like!

Here it is with a stand I concocted! Sorry for the poor quality, but you can still see it pretty well.
Note- A stand was suggested by george.adams. Thank you!

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