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Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal


The Dark Crystal was created by the Jim Henson and it hit the big screen back in 1982. I was really impressed by the story as an 8 year old at the time, via the scenery, music, etc., as it really is a magical film. I have seen it many times since, including 4 or 5 times this week alone for build research. I was also inspired by an older Lego Ideas build of The Dark Crystal which I found in a google search. Also I found inspiration from some recent awesome builds from Bull-Doozer 21. Most everything this one builder does is angled towards Jim Henson themed builds and I am supporting them all, my favorite the Labyrinth which is another great film from the early 1980's.

The Wise old Mystic Uzra (See picture #7) raises a young orphan named Jen. Jen is a Gelfling who lives in a far off world named Thra from another place and time, and his people are all but gone. And the two main races which rule the land are all slowly dying and are all connected to one another thru the dark crystal. 

As a 1000 year prophecy is about to come to be. The evil Skeksi rule the land which are a mean and nasty creature, which looks like a buzzard for lack of a better comparison, see picture number 6. There are 10 remaining Skeksi and 10 Mystics left. And when one dies the other connected to it passes as well.

Jen is forced to go on a journey to save his people, and find the lost shard of the Dark Crystal and re-unite the missing shard with the Crystal in order to save their world. Along his journey he first meets the wise old witch with three eyes and horns on her head named Aughra. She has a planetarium, and has used it to predict the future. You see 1000 years earlier all three of their solar systems stars aligned and the Crystal split changing the land from lush and green, to a dark dying wasteland, and the two races sprang up from that event via the Mystics and the Skeksi.


1. The castle is 1774 pieces and the figures I designed, the crystal and stand itself, the planetarium, Jen and Kira are 1217 pieces or 2991 total.

2. The castle itself is a 360 degree design which is hinged and opens down the middle, and opens up to a two sided playset. The base floor then folds down to form the pit the Dark Crystal hangs above. Simply add the Dark Crystal stand and the figures there after and its ready to play or display, see pictures 10-14. It is very hard to build a split hinged castle, because literally ever couple pieces you have to open and shut the castle to make sure no interference from new pieces are taking place.

3. On the third floor you may notice there are two Skeksi who are standing beside a stand with two swords and a stone on another stand. Early in the film the old emperor of the Skeksi passes on, and two of the lead Skeksi who both want to be the new emperor take part in an ancient contest called- Trial by stone. Where as both take a sword and take turns chopping away at the stone. Who ever cuts it into becomes the new king. A very similar theme to the sword in the stone story from King Author. See image number 7.

4. Brick built Mystic again seen in images number 8. He is the oldest and wisest of the Mystics named Uzra and he passes on early in the film at the same time the Skeksi emperor passes on. He is the largest individual via piece count at 278 pieces.

5. Brick built Skeksi see images number 6 an 7 with the trial by stone scene. Skeski build is 124 pieces just the figure by himself.

6. Brick Built Garthim which is the soldier of sorts for the Skeksi, the black crab/spider looking creature, see picture number 10 and he is 197 pieces.

7. Aughra and her planetarium, which is real unique part of this build see image number 9. She herself is 270 pieces and the planetarium is 255 pieces. Also NOTE on Aughra and the Skeksi my new telephone arm design. I jsut came up with it for this build trying to create that long skinny look of the Skeksi arms and fingers. I was happy how it turned out as that is the look I wanted to achieve.

NOTE Image number 3 contains two Skeksi and two Garthim and only one of each are included in this set, and the two extra are just there for that one picture. As two of each puts the set over about 318 pieces from 2991, considering both those two combined are 327 pieces, and the Garthim is 197 pieces, and the Skeksi design is 124 pieces.

In closing I think this set has much display and play factors going for it, and as always thanks for the view and or vote, drop me a link anytime of any build you would like my honest evaluation on, take care!


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