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The Alamo- Micro Scale


The iconic Alamo Mission, now in a convenient Micro Scale!

The famous Alamo Mission, located in San Antonio, Texas, USA, has long been recognized as an icon of Spanish architecture. This unique building, constructed of limestone, was built by the Spanish Empire in the 18th century. This American landmark is now a museum, and is visited by about 2.5 million people each year. 

This LEGO Version of the iconic Texas building was designed with as much attention to detail as possible with a model of this size. This model is a complete 3D reconstruction of The Alamo, complete with:

  • The famous front facade
  • Windows
  • A tree in front.
  • And even a patch of Prickly Pear Cactus in the back!

This micro Alamo also includes more SNOT(Studs Not On Top) than a Kleenex in flu season! Due to the size of the model, the doors, windows, and some of the walls were constructed using the SNOT technique. The makes for a very interesting build, and unique visual qualities.

Whether you are a fan of Spanish architecture, micro builds, or you just want to display an iconic Texas landmark, this set is for you!

Right side:


Left Side:


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