Product Idea

Lego Clash of Clans

I want to introduce a new game to you. This game based of the app "Clah of clans" for mobile phones from Supercell. The rules are the same as in this game.

In the first set there are the same items as in the mobile phone game. That means everything is on level 1. Because you can get the walls in "town hall" level 2 at first there are no walls in the first set.

Now let's have a look at the way it goes.

First you choose the appropriate force and then you search out the enemy. During the game it's not important to make a big haul but you should destroy nearly everything.

If you destroy the first half you'll get the first star.

If you destroy the town hall you'll get the second star.

If you destroy the complete defense of the opponent you'll win the whole war.

As an additional set (you can buy it later as an option) there are the single player missions.

You must destroy again as much as possible. In this process the same rules apply.

The game includes:

  • 1 town hall
  • 1 gold stock
  • 1 elixir stock
  • 1 gold mine
  • 1 clan castle (destroyed)
  • 1 barrack
  • 1 army camp
  • 1 cannon
  • 2 shelters
  • 1 elixir collector

In the next sets the following objects are planned (available later):

The charm factory: The charme factory can make different spells. The flash spell flashes objects away, the heal charm can heal the forces, the anger charm makes the forces more aggressive, the floating charm let the forces float over walls and the frost charm freezes the gun turret for a certain time.

The laboratory: The laboratory can make your forces stronger by doing an upgrade. The highest level is 7.

The Mage Tower: On the Mage Tower there is a magician and fires flashes onto the forces . He can also attack more than one army unit.

The Barbarian King: The Barbarian King is invincible and he gets new functions in higher levels (becomes angry).

The Archer Queen: The Archer Queen is like the Barbarian King indestructible and gets new functions in higher levels (becomes invisible).

X-bow: The X-bow throws arrows onto the forces. It has to be reloaded with dark elixir.

The Inferno-Tower: The Inferno-Tower shoots dangerous rays onto the forces but has to be recharged, too.

Tesla: The Tesla produces dangerous surges that hit the forces, but the effect will be doubled at Pekka.

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