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Midwest Style Downtown Building


If you've ever been to the Midwest (Texas,Oklahoma ETC.) Then you may recognize these style buildings, Wether you go to a Small town, or even a major city in the midwest they usually have "Courtyard style." downtown areas with brick buildings. Usually their pioneer era buildings, Nowadays these are turned into all types of buisnesses and even lofts. These are inspired by the loft style that these buildings are converted to.

The maroonish building is a simple home, It has a kitchen that while it isn't designer it's what the average home's kitchen would look like. Both homes do have glass staircases because I couldn't get others to work without tearing the build apart. Both have a roof garden and Air conditioning systems. left building's interior is inspired by Designer homes with a designer kitchen, Grandfather clock,Saltwater Aquarium and bookshelves.

I plan on making another set soon that will look different.